Video meeting & calling platform
Video conferencing endpoint registration
Microsoft Teams video conferencing interoperability
Google Hangouts video conferencing interoperability
Video recording & streaming
Video webinars

Simple video conferencing  solutions to connect users, devices, and other collaboration tools

Ideal for teams and organizations looking for fast, simple, video collaboration at any scale that doesn’t require tech support to get started

Premium service for organisations
who are using video communication but struggling with interoperability

Interoperability between different paltforms and devices is the KEY of the service

Collaboration platforms

Skype for Business
Microsoft Teams
Google Hangouts

Video devices


Video network with guaranteed quality

Users and devices will be using the Pexip PoP’s with QoS network to ensure high quality and low latency to the closest PoP

Network Latency

In Europe

Europe – America

Europe – Hong Kong

Europe – Sydney

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Video meeting and calling platform

Feature-rich and easy-to-use group video meeting and calling for any team or organization. Great for internal or external meetings.

Works with any device (desktop, mobile, web, and professional video conferencing room systems)

Integrated scheduling with Outlook or Google Calendar

Up to 100 participants

Dedicated app for powerful video collaboration from any device

Dynamic and fixed meeting IDs

Free audio dial-in

Free interoperability with SIP/H.323 Room systems

Plug-in free browser support


Company phonebook

Single sign-on (SSO)

Live streaming to unlimited audiences on YouTube or using RTMP

and more …

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10-99 licenses


1 VMR/month
VMR (virtual meeting room)

What is included?

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100+ licenses


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What makes us different from the Zoom solution?

Our service includes:

Native language support (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
Compatibility with standard video devices (Cisco, Poly, Yealink, etc.)
Guaranteed data quality worldwide
No need for a separate program. Works with most common web browsers
Youtube streaming and recording
Certified by Microsoft
Security (ISO 27001 certified)

In addition

Microsoft Teams interoperability (Cisco, Poly, etc.)
Google Hangouts interoperability (Cisco, Poly, etc.)
• Video conference device “Call Control


Using reputable data centers – SOC2, SSAE16, ISO27001


Compliant with GDPR


Data stored in Norway


Calls encrypted by default


Media maintained in regions

Video conferencing endpoint subscriptions

Register and provision standards-based video conferencing room systems (SIP / H.323 devices) from Cisco, Poly (Polycom), Yealink, + more, with plans to suit all sizes of video conferencing systems

Unlimited video calling to any standards-based video address

Automated network management for optimal call quality

Extend the life of legacy video conferencing hardware and modernize current video conference call control management without the need for large investments in new hardware

Interoperability with Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts Meet

Plug ‘n’ play activation

Automated contacts directory

Firewall traversal solution

Meeting connect with QR code

Quality assured network

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Prices start from 69 EUR/Month/device

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Interoperability add-ons for Microsoft collaboration environments

Seamlessly connect your professional video conferencing room systems into Microsoft Teams meetings

Works for any SIP / H.323 video systems

Additional enterprise security and features for video systems registered to Pexip service

Wireless ‘scan to join’ technology with Pexip’s MeetingConnect for fast joining from any video system

Easy automated scheduling with Outlook Calendar

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Interoperability add-ons for Google Hangouts Meet

Seamlessly connect your professional video conferencing room systems into Google Hangouts meetings

Works for any SIP / H.323 video systems

Wireless ‘scan to join’ technology with Pexip’s MeetingConnect for fast joining from any video system

Easy automated scheduling with Google Calendar

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Video conference is not only about service and video device, it’s much more…

it’s about User Experience

We help you to set-up perfect video room. We do room survey, select cameras, screens, microphones, speakers, acoustic panels etc for each meeting room.

Additionally to room interiour we focus on user experience. How easy is to schedule, join, manage, and how comfortable is to participate on the meeting.

Only with well designed video conference room you’ll get the best experience.

Video endpoints, cameras and screens

Video endpoints for any budget

Video cameras for trainings, education, broadcasting and events

Professional screens for single or dual screen set-up

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Microphones, speakers, touchpanels

Microphones for specific room set-up (desk, ceiling)

Additional speakers and amplifiers

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Video service or platform

Depending on your industry we help you to select the best video collaboration platform, based on your budget and needed functionalities.

We help you to integrate video conferencing solution to your existing business applications and processes.

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